My line of work is often classified in the realm of fantasy. My fantasy is this: authentic connection without strings or complications. Introverted in the Jungian sense I prefer meaningful intimate connections to superficial charms. There is something utterly magical about connecting in this way, even if our time together is short. If you seek an old soul with a sharp mind and soft hourglass curves who reads banned books, listens to Cole Porter and Kendrick Lamar, and thinks chatting over a glass of wine with a newfound kindred spirit makes the best foreplay, I'm your cup of tea. You have no idea what sort of virtues and vices I have to show you (especially the latter ;D)

I encourage you to research me throughly to ascertain if we are a fit. A writer by calling my blog posts provide rich insight into many more facets of my personality and perspective than can be touched upon in two paragraphs. Please check out twitter for regular meltdowns over dogs, fangirling over Game of Thrones and flirting with my hot lady friends in real time. If upon delving into my virtual psyche you feel a connection, I would relish the chance to explore that connection in person.   



Quick Facts

Age: 27

Orientation: Bisexual

Body type: Hourglass US Size 6/8

Enhancements/tattoos/piercings: None

Intimate grooming: Trimmed

Smoker: No

Drinks: Socially

Personality Type: INFP

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