I honestly prefer giving gifts to getting them, and no gift is as great as knowing the time we spend together is cherished by you. However should you wish to bring or send a gift, I would be delighted by any of the following, please click on the links provided. I especially hope you consider a donation to one of my favorite charities! My birthday is in early February :) 


My Amazon wishlist

Books, DVDs, and various geeky trinkets


Feminist Women's Health Center of Atlanta

Atlanta Humane Society

Atlanta Children's Shelter

Planned Parenthood


Gift certificates

Trashy Diva



Black Lotus Photography

Pinup Girl Clothing

Playful Promises Lingerie

Neiman Marcus



If you really want to break the ice, bringing along a bottle of Malbec, Bordeaux red, Duchess de Bourgogne ale, gin or single malt scotch is a surefire path to my heart. Non drinkers, I'm a big fan of tea and sparkling water.

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